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Bild des Monats 06/2022
Tourentipp Verlag Bernhard Ziegler Tourentipp Verlag
Hallo Tom, das Bild ist einfach großartig und so ist es fast selbstverständlich, dass es unser Bild des Monats geworden ist! Vielen Dank für dieses fantastische Bild und viele Grüße Bernhard Ziegler tourentipp.com
100ASA Guru Dietrich Lasa 100ASA Guru
This evokes memories from a very long time ago - I know the castle and its history. It is as beautiful inside as it is outside. This photograph is superb in so many ways, including the long exposure time that produced these lines of light, like a signature of the castle's majestic presence. Top marks.
100ASA Master Bart La Gioia 100ASA Master
Ottimo still life. Composizione molto ben curata tecnicamente. Luce e cromie molto gradevoli e ottimo il movimento del vino nel calice. | Great still life. Composition very well taken care of technically. Very pleasant light and colors and excellent movement of the wine in the glass.
100ASA Curator Yannawit Watthanasin 100ASA Curator
This picture is interesting minimal landscape. The picture is very well compose and well balance. The ray of light and color of warm light is adding nice atmosphere to the picture. My compliments and My voted to publish. Dear Thomas.
100 ASA Grandmaster Fred Faure 100 ASA Grandmaster
Très sympa comme image, j’aime bien la lecture de l’image avec cette composition. | Very cool as a picture, I like reading the picture with this composition. Thank you
100ASA Grandmaster Peter Lessey 100ASA Grandmaster
An outstanding composition that is well presented. The light flow add to the colours is quite appealing and calming. Congrats.
100ASA Student Neal Wreford 100ASA Student
A very nicely composed and very well executed still life, with a simple but strong story. Very good focus on the blossom, and very pleasing colours. Good work.
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